Polynesian fun

As a first timer to Hawaii, I couldn’t miss out on going to a Luau!  Who knows when i’ll be back again !  A luau is a “traditional Hawaiian party or feast that is usually accompanied by entertainment” – generally as a tourist attraction it mostly consists of some Polynesian cultural activities and a big meal and entertainment at the end.

We decided to go to Paradise Cove because the majority of  group we went with went there.

paradise cove hawaii paradise cove hawaii 385504_10100379338319971_1445447473_n 378211_10100379339048511_696807752_n paradise cove hawaii paradise cove hawaii paradise cove hawaii

 Since i didn’t do much research on what a Luau was when we signed up, i didn’t really know what to expect.
When we got there, there were some activities for us to do until dinner time.  It was mainly to was to introduce the Hawaiian culture to us.
During dinner there will be lots of song and dance – just as you would imagine for any Hawaiian entertainment.
We saw lots of packages around Waikiki for Luaus and we really didn’t know how to choose – we also didn’t want to get tourist trapped since prices ranged from $30 to $100!
But we booked through our concierge and because we went as a big group we also had a small group discount.
I was pretty content with the Luau and i guess i can say we have experienced Hawaii by going to a Luau!

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