When guy meets girl in Florence, Italy

So a little background – coming from Canada – Vancouver to be exact, we’re known to be pretty reserved in our “pick up” culture.  It’s even been documented !  So being approached in italy  – 3 times (and one offensive one)  was quite a (culture?) shock for me.

Unfortunately i wasn’t single…
Event 1 – it was literally my first step out in Florence after arriving the night before.  A guy walking in the same direction as me in a crowded narrow street says a friendly good morning.  and then when he go to the end of the street, as if he forgot something, he turns back to find me to complement me and went on his way. – wouldn’t anybody like that kind of complement early in the morning ?? I bet if someone did that in vancouver we’d consider them a creep.
Event 2 – I was grabbing some lunch at a small cafe.  A guy – probably a regular at the cafe – sits down beside me and got kinda fidgety.  He knew I was a tourist and starts small talk.  It was a nice gesture, they’re pretty friendly that way.  Turns out he’s a hair dresser across the street.  He causally told me that i should stop by later and get a hair wash for free.  well that’s a nice offer – it WAS the middle of summer and everybody was a sweaty mess.
Event 3 – it was around dusk, i walked over to canal and stood by the bridge.  A scooter stops at the light near me and we made eye contact.  he decides to talk to me and first asked me what time it was and then smoothly proceeded to ask if i was free tonight.  noticing it was really hot that night he said he was free and would like to give me a tour of the city on his scooter.  well being this was my first night there, and had a really sketchy taxi incident the night before…i played it safe and said i was meeting a friend later.  but he persisted and ask if we could meet later.  when i insisted i was busy…he looked pretty offended. makes me wonder it was really disrespectful to turn down a guy in their culture.  If only guys from vancouver can learn how to be as persistent as this guy ! their forwardness was definitely something to get used to!
Event 4 – well, this didn’t happen the same day..but it was the day after when i had a really shitty day losing my phone. my guy just walks right past me on the street and slapped my behind… is this normal or is this guy just totally getting away with all these tourists??
Well there you have it… Florence was the only place we visited that these events occurred !

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