If you’ve read about my experience in pickpocketing in Florence, here’s another little story that follows.

 Since i was paranoid about people messing with my sim card / personal information on my phone (and also hoping that there would be some that picked up my phone by accident) i went to the police to report my missing phone.
This in itself was an adventure.  It was crazy hot outside and we went from police station to police station because the first one i went to didn’t deal with missing items.  They then directed me to another that also didn’t do missing items.  When we finally went to the third one (it was surprising the about of lot of police stations in Florence) it was the right place.
First thing that we noticed was the modelesqe looking police men.   they could have been on a cover of a magazine.  the uniform some how fits their nicely built body and made it look fashionable and they look really well groomed.
although, their service and english was not comparable.  it turns out that it was completely useless to file a missing report and with the help we got from previous police stations, we were sweating from head to toe looking for the right place.  well – i guess it was an experience to remember !

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