Where to eat in Port Townsend

fountaing cafe port townsendfountaing cafe port townsend

fountaing cafe port townsend

fountaing cafe port townsend

we went to this little cafe based on our airbnb host’s recommendation and i have to say, best recommendation!

it was a small little shop, but the dishes there was pretty high caliber !

We had the mussels, oyster dorado and duck salad.

When we visit a restuarant for the first time, we usually like to share dishes, so we can get more variety to try their dishes.
I have to say, we made all the right choices at this place and everything tasted wonderful!

our muscles were juicy and the broth was amazing! it had chorizo bits and tons of broth to dip your bread in. We usually like to order muscles – it can be a big risk for us because it could be a hit or miss – but generally, if a restaurant has good mussels, they’re in a good place!

the oyster dorado was a new one for me. I’ve never had anything like it, it was a linguine pasta with bits of oyster and clear broth. the oyster aroma made the dish smell extra tasty! it wasn’t a heavy dish as you might think it would be with the oysters, it was very refreshing actually and had lots of enoki mushrooms to top it off.

the duck salad was also a great surprise. we were not expecting to get a whole duck breast for this. the portion was just huge! it could have been an entree on its own. the salad made up of baby lettuce which made the texture really soft and soaked up the vinaigrette perfectly.

this cafe is a must try in port townsend !


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