Next stop… VENICE !

We took the first train out of Florence to Venice…actually we woke up way earlier because our alarm clock was one hour faster for some reason.  So we headed to the train station and it was still closed.  But no worries – McD is just right across the street ! So we bummed there for a while until the train station opened..
Here’s what the deserted train station looks like at 4am !
venice italy train
venice italy train
The first train we went on was a bit more rickety…  we ended having the whole train to ourselves ( early trains are usually cheaper too).  Saw some italian landscape, mostly houses.  it was nice to see what the locals see outside of the touristy towns.  we watched the sun rise just as we’re nearing Venice!

Ahh Venice…we finally made it !  This was our first view at Venice..and I was not prepared to see what was just outside the train station!


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