When things go wrong when you travel

Just as i was falling head over heels for Florence, i encountered my first pick-pocketing.  i think being pick-pocketed on its own is nerve-wrecking, especially being out of your country and travelling.  it was EXTRA devastating since i JUST got my new phone, AND was pretty happy with the fact that it was my first time using my own smart phone during a trip – think of all the social media updates i can be making!

Well here is my adventure of getting pick-pocketed – it started off with a free tour that i attended in florence. this “free” tour ( you have to give the tour guide a tip afterwards) gave me a really good overview of all the must-see spots in Florence.  Towards the end of the tour – i remember being really immersed in what the tour guy was saying about the Domo, and snapping away a gazillion pictures.  I then felt a guy “bump” me while getting through our tour group – it always starts with a bump doesn’t it?  Well, i thought nothing much of it until after the tour – probably 15-20 mins after – and i wanted to use my phone as a map.  I tried feeling for it my bag and then a sudden panic started when i wouldn’t feel it anymore and was hoping it as just buried underneath all my other stuff.  I turned my bag inside out and that relief of feeling for a plastic case still didn’t happen.  Then i realized…my phone was gone.  At that point i tried to back track and i having been to more than one place since then, meant it would be impossible to find it through the heavy summer traffic in florence.

I then proceeded to get my friend to call my number and nobody picked up so i went to the mobile courier for my sim card to get that sim deactivated since my passport information was connected to it.

To be honest..that whole day was a blur for me…and it was only day 2 of my trip.  Felt pretty bummed out that i won’t have a handy gps with me during this trip.

Fast forward a few days when i was in venice, i decided to get a really bottom line smart phone.  To my surprise, it was pretty affordable to get a new phone there and their data plan eventually saved us that night when we had to navigate out of the labyrinth that was venice.

Moral of the story – be alert in crowded places.  it might have been the free tour, or even any tour, but there might always be “planted” people in tours that target distracted tourists!




3 thoughts on “When things go wrong when you travel

  1. That’s terrible!
    I make sure on trips I wear a crossbody bag and when I’m out I tend to wear on the front instead of the side so i can just look down and see it. Makes it much harder for pickpockets.


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