First impressions of Florence, Italy

florence italy


florence italy

florence italy

florence italy



florence italy


florence italy

spent my first day going solo waiting for my friend to join me. although i had no idea where i was going that day, it didn’t bother me. as most people would say, European countries are pretty pedestrian friendly and everything is within waling distance. i eventually found my way around town and all the touristic attractions were very close together.

my way of exploring might not be the most efficient ones, but i found my self walking in small circles and expanding as i start recognizing places – haha! for the first day i pretty much stayed on the northern side of the river until i got more familiar with it. aimless wondering in a new city is the best way to go !

there were three things that stood out to me on my first day :

  1. If you’re looking for a breakfast place- there is none ! Italians have pastries, ham and cheese for their breakfast.  If you’re looking for a eggs and toast, you’ll have to look for places that serve “American” breakfast.
  2. Guys there are not shy to say hello ! – on my first day i met three guys that came over to say hello randomly – something that’s rare in Vancouver.
  3. Florence is SUPER hot.  I had to remember to stay hydrated and my excuse to eat gelato whenever i get a chance ;)

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