Checklist for my travel to south korea

I’m going to Korea !  …but after the excitement sets in, the real planning begins. So… how should i start planning my trip to Korea ?  I found my effective tool to be Google Maps…  It shows the location of my accommodation and the approximate distance to all the attractions I want to go to!

Green =food

Red = general attractions/areas

See below for some of the places I plan on visiting…a bit ambitious for being there only 3 days !

Travel Plugs – Electricity Outlets

Things i always forget to check until last min is the types of outlets are used.  Here’s the information for the electricity outlet in Korea

korea electricity outlets

Apparently, their plugs are similar to  France, Germany, Austria, Greece, Turkey !

Currency Conversion

Korea’s currency is called Won

For Canadians, the conversion is similar to 1 Canadian dollar – 10,000 Won

Cellphone/ Sim Cards

Apparently if you are planning to use you’re North American phone in Korea, it might not work because it is not compatible with their celluar network… Don’t think it will be worth it to invest in a sim card if i’m going to be there for a few days…but that leads us to…


They have ample of FREE PUBLIC WIFIs from what i’ve heard.  Apparently free wifi in Seoul is a government initiative to offer 10,000 free public wifi zones !! More info here –


Since i’m familiar with Hong Kong’s transit system, Korea has a similar one where you can get a re loadable card (by paying a deposit) and refilling money on it. This card is called the “T-Money”.  You are also able to use this at convenient store…similar to the “octopus card” in Hong Kong.

Other options are M-Pass (which is similar to day passes) or Seoul City pass plus (which is a single fare ticket)

Places to visit

Bukhansan National Park
Namsan Park Seoul tower
Hongdae area nightlife/indie/ art/ music
Apgujeong-dong area celebrities
Gangnam-gu area celebrities
Gyeongbokgung Palace
tourist attraction
Namsangol Hanok Village tourist attraction
Insa-dong tourist attraction
Itaewon-dong tourist attraction
광장시장 -kwangjang market street food
Dongdaemun Market shopping
Gyeongdong Market herbs and ginseng
Hongik University Street
Gwangjang Market cheap shopping
olympic park
Seoul Daehangno young culture area
Street art Between Hyehwa Station and Naksan Park,
Noryangjin Fish Market
Namdaemun Market
Garosu -gil trendy area
Pulmuone Kimchi Museum
Bongeunsa Temple
Gangnam/Sinnonhyeon Station Cafe Street
Buamdong Cafe Street
Samcheondong Cafe Street
Fish Pedicure Cafe in Myeongdong, Seoul
hello kitty cafe
photography cafe
Bau house
cat cafe
wedding dress cafe
Hanbok / korean dress cafe
Baekjae Samgyetang best ginseng soup
Late night snack Hongdae area
WooSung Galbi (우성갈비) in Yaksu-dong (약수동) Galbi grilling
Pork Rib Galbi Specialists at Buam Galbi (부암갈비) in Incheon (인천)
Cheonggyecheon stream
Insa-dong Tourist Information Center free hanbok fitting
Hongdae Free Market 13:00-18:00 (Saturdays/ from March to November)
東大門陳奶奶一隻雞 (Ok-wha Jin Grandma)

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