Korea travel blog – Day 1 – First Impressions + Street vendors !

I’m finally back from my Asia trip !  Been sick for a while…seems to happen whenever I come back Asia…

So we got there the first day(night) around 6pm.  Like the NA Westcoast…it’s starting to get dark already !  We didn’t realize our aiport was SO far away from our Guesthouse (seems like that’s what they call smaller hostels now).  The Incheon Airport on on this little island on the very WEST of Seoul and we needed to be in Myeong-Dong which was smack in the middle of Seoul.   It was almost a 2 hour train ride, which includes a LONG transfer at the Seoul City Hall station.

**NOTE** Be prepared to walk up and down a lot of you’re transfering stations. it is not luggage friendly at all !  The newer stations are better and have escalators, but at the older ones it’s all stairs! So be prepared to have the arm strength to carry all your luggage up and down the stairs! 

When we finally got of at ours station, we were completely lost…it took us a while to get used to the streets signs and find our bearings.  Well…we actually couldn’t …so we asked a young man to help us (with the help of his smart phone) to guide us to our Guesthouse.  We were glad he was such a nice person and decided to walk us to our place!  It would have been impossible to find our place if we didnt’ get any help since the place was in one of the small alley/streets.

*this is kind of a reoccurring problem while in Korea for us since we are so dependent on our Google maps!  Since we didn’t want to fork out the money for a SIM card for 3 days and also the fact that our NA phones are not compatable in their network…we decided to go the old fashion way – with maps*

Once we got settled down, we went out for our late dinner…we weren’t really hungry ..but we did see these street vendors behind our Guesthouse. So we wanted to do what the locals did and gave it a try !…but little did we know…we were about to get majorly tourist-trapped!   Our meal ended up costing us 30,000 wons (~$30 US) !! for 2 snack size dishes….but at the time we thought, why not ! it’s part of the experience!  Well, lesson learned….(and the next morning we found out there was a sign in our Guesthouse saying not to go there because they like to rip tourists off !)

After dinner we went back to our Guesthouse for a nice shower and good night’s rest for a LONG day of adventuring the next day !


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