Korea Day 2 – Dongdaemun and Seoul Tower

We got up bright and early the next day and ready to explore !  It was a nice brisk fall day – very similar to Vancouver’s weather.

A note on toilets in korea – i found they had very small stalls…there were times where i thought i had barely enough room between my face and the door!  I also noticed that, similar to china, they seem to like to throw their toilet papers in a basket instead of flushing it down the toilet !…maybe due to the age of infrastructure ?

Day 2 included a lot of walking and wondering around.  We started off by the foot of Namsan (where the Seoul Tower resides).  We actually had no idea where we were going and decided to take the bus up a strip of road towards the mountain.  We got off at the foot of the mountain and hiked up.  We later realized that there was a gondola that was on the other side of the mountain.  We didn’t really mind the hike up since the weather was nice and it got our leg moving again after a long day on the plane the night before.

Namsan was pretty small, and very touristy.  We got to see the “love lock” fences, but didn’t want to go up the tower.  The view was amazing at the top.  There was a blanket of trees below and the leave were just starting to change colours.  No wonder people say Fall is high season for visiting Seoul !

Namsan Seoul

seoul tower

seoul tower

 seoul tower

seoul tower

We then travelled to the Dongdaemun area and saw this public installation by the Cheonggyecheon stream.  It was a really nice stream to walk along – there’s also paths at certain points of the stream for you to cross.

 Cheonggyecheon stream

 Cheonggyecheon stream

 Cheonggyecheon stream

Along the Cheonggyecheon stream in Dongdaemun is the Donedaemun market.  Street food galore !! there were tons of food stands and shops in the big market.

Dongdaemun Market

THIS was a surprise (below) Koreans eat DOG MEAT!  At this shop, the lady was pulling apart dog meat D= ..it was something to get used to seeing…


While we were at Dongdaemun, we noticed it was Seoul Fashion Week at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza. Lots of pretty people walking around and live fashion show inside that tent!

Seoul Fashion Week 2014


We went to all the shopping malls at Dongdaemun and it reminds me of the shops in Mong Kok, Hong Kong – except these are way roomier and less crowded.  Dongdaemun is definitely the district for shopping!


4 thoughts on “Korea Day 2 – Dongdaemun and Seoul Tower

  1. You make me miss Seoul life! I can wholeheartedly say, it’s probably a good couple of degrees warmer than Vancouver right this minute.

    If you have time, go to Paju’s Heyri Art Village if you’re sticking close to Seoul. It’s only about an hour away via bus but it’s so amazing!


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